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It Was Ellis' Fault. Still is.

During a college wknd trip home, 4 friends and I decided to spend a night at the family cabin. We packed our gear and my dad dropped us off at the road that led to our destination. After all, It was just a short trek. We've done this before and could do it with our eyes closed. My dad gave orders to verbally "call out" once we got there. Being young and in a hurry for him to leave so we could start our "fun getaway," my friend Ellis called back, "we're here." With that we heard the sound of my dad driving away. Ellis, although he will deny this, told a white lie :) By now, it was 100% dark. Fast forward- we walked in circles for hours looking for a cabin that evidently disappeared off the face of the earth. Eventually, resigned to the fact that the only bed we would have for the night would be the boughs we forged to make our nests under the stars, we settled down from our frustrated finger-pointing session, we ate, made our beds and then collectively, out of nowhere, erupted into an uncontrollable bout of laughter. Coincidently, we had one of the best nights of our lives. We talked under the stars, told stories, shared dreams, giggled/finger-pointed more; forging even deeper friendships. Soon, the night air made heavy eyes, we slept. In the morning when we woke, our first sight was THE CABIN, 9 yds away. More finger pointing and laughter ensued. got lost enroute to the family cabin in the dark. Finally gave up and made a bed outside on boughs under the stars.

- Lorie


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