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The ultimate skydive proposal!

When my girlfriend and I visited my family in Vancouver in the summer of 2004, we decided to travel around the Rockies as well. After many hours driving through beautiful landscapes, stopping in a variety of town and staying in a mixture of little B&Bs and camping, we arrived in Golden. We stayed in a wooden cabin just outside of the main town. We were able to go horse riding through the mountains in the morning. I took my girlfriend out for an evening drive (without telling her where we were going!) We ended up at Golden airport as I had booked a surprise skydive for us both. It took a little bit of persuasion to get her to do it! The whole team at Extreme Yeti Skydiving were in on the secret and made it fantastic! We had the skydive filmed and throughout, the team dropped little hints as to what was going on. We flew up through the evening air and jumped out at 12,000ft with our instructors. The view was incredible with mountains all around and the river below meandering through Golden. I went just before my girlfriend so that when she landed, I was there to meet her. I got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes!!!!

- Toby


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